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Things to be aware of when it comes to Garage Door Repairs

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John’s Garage Door Repair in Oro Valley – Recommended

The springs are the workhorses of your garage door. It’s not uncommon for one to break but replacing a spring can be dangerous work so don’t do it yourself.

If a spring is broken or a cable is broken, that’s something that you definitely shouldn’t mess with because both are under high tension and you could potentially get seriously hurt.

Garage door springs have a designated life cycle rating such as 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 cycles. Angie’s List says if a company tries to sell you a lifetime spring, ask for specifics of what that means.

The thing is, when it comes a lifetime guarantees on garage door parts, you need to know what you’re paying for. You need to find out exactly what the lifetime warranty covers and doesn’t cover.

As an example, a garage door spring warranty might only be the lifetime of the garage door and not the spring itself. For the most part, reputable experts say should pass on the lifetime warranty up-sell if you’re offered it.

When it comes to garage door rollers, most garage doors have 10 rollers. While they do wear out and break over time, experts say that under most situations, only the broken one needs to be replaced.

As one expert told us, “You can’t really say that if one or goes better all bad” So to avoid an unnecessary charge, ask to see the specific damage if a technician suggests replacing all rollers. Taking the time to have a good look at them could save you some money.

Just be aware that if someone tells you that something’s wrong, they should be able to show you exactly what’s wrong and what they’ll do to fix it or what they’ll use to replace the faulty part.

If you’re looking at getting a brand new garage door, some companies may suggest an insulated door. That’s fine, but be aware that insulated garage doors cost about $400 more than uninsulated garage door. Whether that is money well spent for you is really dependent on your specific garage as well as your usage of it.

If you spend a lotta time working in your garage, then it might be a really good investment. An insulated door may also make sense if you have an attached garage because they could help lower your heating and cooling costs.

From our experience, as well as feedback we’ve gotten from numerous friends and neighbors who have followed our recommendations, John’s Garage Doors can’t be beat when it comes to honesty, price and professionalism. John’s prices are considerably lower than other companies we’ve interacted with, and you couldn’t find a friendlier person to deal with. Knowing that he has worked in the industry for over 25 years is also reassuring that he really knows what he’s talking about and that he’s not going to cut corners to make an extra couple of bucks. No one survives for 25 years doing that!

So we for Oro Valley garage door repair needs, we give our highest recommendation to John’s Garage Doors at


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